Fascination with the Unknown

The Other

Workshops, Performances and Symposium

27 to 29 October 2016 | Leipzig


Friday, Oct 28th 2016die naTo

The publicly open performance session gives two artistic perspectives on the phenomenon of “the other”. Martina Hefter and Gal Noar are performance artists with backgrounds in poetry and sign language interpretation, allowing for unique views on what separates and connects us.

The live performances are framed by two short films, which both, in two diverse settings, transmit being a complex other in a strong social discourse and are selected exclusively for this evening from contributions to the short film competition "be a better being" ahead of the film festival in Berlin in November.



Wenn ich diesen Fuß hebe
Martina Hefter

Im Kapitel “Musical mit Ungeheur” (so geschrieben) ihres neuen Gedichtbands “Ungeheuer. Stücke/Gedichte” verhandelt Martina Hefter unter anderem die Darstellbarkeit von Bewusstseins‐ und Denkvorgängen von Tieren, Geistern und ‐ Robotern.

In einer verlassenen Stadt müssen einige übriggebliebene Wesen miteinander auskommen: sprechende Hunde, hungernde Katzen, Kioskmum, die einen Kiosk im Stadtpark betreibt, ein Ungeheuer, ein musizierender Mensch, sowie eine Gruppe Gartenroboter, deren Aufgabe es eigentlich ist, den die Stadt überwuchernden Efeu zurückzuschneiden. Irgendwann kommt der Moment, an dem sie die Scheren beiseite legen und beginnen, gegenseitig ihre Körper zu erkunden. Katzen denken über Hunger nach, Hunde über esoterische Praktiken, Kioskmum erlebt Glück beim Tanzen mit einem verwilderten Hund, und der musizierende Mensch versucht sich in Trompetensoli.

Wie bekommt man all das in Gedichten zu fassen? Sind es überhaupt noch Gedichte? Martina Hefter stellt das Kapitel “Musical mit Ungeheur” in einem poetolgischen Nachdenken in Bewegung vor.

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Lights & Vessels Prologue
Gal Naor

Lights & Vessels Prologue is a debut preview of the first lecture-performance in the performance-trilogy Science of Signs, written and performed by the Israeli Sign-Language interpreter and performance maker, Gal Naor. A production of The Progressive Wave, coproduced by ID Festival (Berlin) with the support of Tanzlabor 21 (Frankfurt) and Wildwuchs Festival (Basel). This solo piece aims to render a simplification of some comprehensive and thought-provoking Cabalistic notions, using simultaneous interpretation techniques, transforming speech-act into Sign-Language oriented choreography.

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Film 1:
When I Stop Looking (2013)
Todd Herman

Going beyond the imprint of appearances, When I Stop Looking invokes the intensely private worlds of those portrayed, each of whom lives with significant facial and cranial conditions; a vivid affirmation of existence comes forward, before anything else.

Todd Herman has received many awards for his films including the San Francisco International Film Festival's New Vision Award, the Art Council of Northern Ireland's Artist in Residence Award, Grants from the San Francisco Film Arts Foundation, a Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship, Taipei Artist Village Residency, and the San Francisco Art Commission's Emerging Curator Award.
He has presented his films at such venues as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, San Francisco International Film Festival, Southbank Centre, Anthology Film Archives, San Francisco Cinematheque, and Pacific Film Archives.


Film 2:
Vultures (2015)
Joe McStravick

A shy young photography student is challenged to enter a 24 hour photography competition. To meet the challenge he must confront his fears and step out of his comfort zone. How far will he go to get the shot?

Joe McStravick is a award-winning Film & TV Director and Screenwriter who works in narrative drama and documentary. A number of his past projects have been commissioned and/or broadcast by Northern Ireland Screen, TG4, BBC, ILBF & Community Channel. He has also directed/produced a range of commercial short form content for Random, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, PwC, HM Treasury, BBC and various other international clients. He is currently developing a number of feature film and TV projects.